Where do you go if you visit Dalat?


Dalat is considered as the ideal city of Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes. When coming here, tourists have many chances to immerse their selves in the romantic landscapes of nature. There are many places to visit in Dalat and the experiences in here can help you have Vietnam tailor-made tours that you can never forget in your life. Now, let’s explore with us through the ten following destinations.

Langbiang Mountain

The mountain attracts a lot of domestic as well as foreign tourists every year. The Langbiang Mountain includes two ones which named “Mr. Mountain and Mrs. Mountain” and far from the center of the city about 12 kilometers. Langbiang is also estimated as “the roof of Dalat”.

Xuan Huong Lake

It is a really beautiful lake which is located in the center of the city. It is surrounded by pine trees, grass and flower garden. The lake is one of the favorite places for those who

Love Valley

It’s ensured that the valley is always a must-go destination of best tour for couples in Vietnam. It is situated far from the central city about 5 kilometers. There are a lot of exciting activities and games which attract tourists especially the youth.


The beautiful scene of the Love Valley likes fairy tales

Dreamy Hill

The hill is known as the miniature of Dalat. The Dreamy Hill is a new place for tourism which is designed with artistic resorts, lakes, entertainment areas. If tourists want to have Vietnam tailor-made tours, the hill is one of the places that they should not ignore.


You also should try the resort in here

Datanla Waterfall

Datnala is a big fall that is located in the Datanla area. It is quite a suitable place for those who like an adventure during the travel.

Hydrangea Garden

Recently, the garden is one the must-go place of tourists whenever they have a chance to pay a visit to Dalat. The area of the garden is up to 20 hectare and covered by millions of colorful hydrangea. The flower can reach till 30 centimeters in height. Everyone has to be surprised when they see the immense marvelous flower garden, especially with their lover. The garden also becomes an ideal place for the couples who want to have unique and beautiful photos.


Hydrangea Garden-the best check-in place for couples

Dairy cow Farm

It will be a special experience because tourists specifically children have opportunities to look into the professional process of making cow milk in the biggest milk Vietnamese producing cooperation. It is a good chance for lovely kids explore and understand their surroundings as well as improve their knowledge related to nature and biology. The framework in the farm makes you imagine about the Netherlands with giant windmills.

Australia animal park

The park is designed in an environment-friendly way with many kinds of animals like sheep, llama, kangaroo, etc. Due to ensuring the habitat for the animals, the numbers of tourists is limited each day. However, it is still a wonderful choice because it has the opened area for people being closer to nature.

Fruit and Vegetable Farm

In Dalat, there are many fruits as well as flower gardens for tourists’ sightseeing. You even have chances to look into the process of producing Atiso tea. Moreover, fresh fruit and vegetable gardens are very various like tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, grapes, etc. And there is an extremely amazing thing is colorful flower gardens with different kinds: rose, sunflower, carnation, orchid. If you are someone who is crazy with nature, these destinations like this are quite suitable for your Vietnam tailor-made tour.


Fresh fruit in Dalat Farm

Barrel-shaped homestay

It will be an interesting suggestion for those who like something strange. The residence including wine barrel-shaped rooms is located in a valley with the area of 1.000 m2. The position is surrounded by small hills and colorful flower gardens. The rooms are built of concrete and painted how to like wood. The homestay can be a special point for the tailor-made tour in Vietnam.

Besides Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, the peaceful city like Dalat is becoming attractive with foreign and domestic tourists. When visiting here, they have opportunities to be closer to nature and have beautiful holidays.

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