Totto-chan – Alluring Retro-inclined bakery in Vietnam Central Highlands


If you talk to a Vietnamese and ask for some advice towards a Vietnam all-inclusive package idea to visit in the Central land, Dalat would be one of the must-see venues there. However, such big sensation and reputation of Dalat cost us no words today to list down which sites must be seen as well as which dishes to be tasted. Our disclosure reveals a newly-opened patisserie hidden in the lovely little corner of Dalat, which has driven a big attention from the public for a mass visit, the Totto-chan bakery.


Totto-chan bakery

Where to find the cutest bakery in Dalat?

Newly open in 2018, Totto-chan patisserie is located at 59 Nguyễn Trãi Street, Dalat, Central Vietnam, a temperate heaven-like kingdom for most of the package for the family in Vietnam to be operated. Totto-chan shows up in a significant Retro vintage style that captivates all of our Vietnamese young hearts, and also, big fans of dessert-oriented menus. Lying in tranquility in the middle of a chilling highland of Dalat, Totto-chan, meanwhile, bears a strong and authentic appearance of a little Japanese house.



Totto-chan – Home to a lovely vintage hideout

As small as it may look at the beginning, not few people are heading inside out for some bakery orders. Such little Japanese house brings out a cozy and lovely sense to its customers, in spite of the fact that those are simply coming for a quick bite or hunting down some vintage-like photographs. Totto-chan puts on a simple but quaint branding sign, a few wooden chairs, several greenery placed around the small window and some vintage pieces of cloths. A quick look further outside from the facade will lead your eyesight to a pleasant veggies farm.


Little lovely hideout

For those who lack a local guide beside, Totto-chan patisserie was opened by two lovely ladies whose passion was built back in the days when the girls were still school girls. As years go by, the coming of Totto-chan is now not simply a bakery itself, yet a start-up masterpiece of two small Đà Lạt natives. That is the reason why Totto-chan now becomes an essential hidden part of your best Vietnam travel package.

Which section of Totto-chan menu you may like to try?

Totto-chan offers you a delish yet exceptional menu, which is daily created by the two owners themselves. All of the cooking stages are processed right inside the campus with well-noted sanitary.


Greenery and fabric

Doki-Doki Gateaux comes with a rich foam layer served alongside the aromatic milky Gato Chocolate essence, all of which is fast melted yet still able to preserve a little sweet savor on the top of your tongue.


Crunchy and tasty

Azuki Red Bean Cake shows up which is core made out of the ground red bean, syrupy and smooth, while topped with smashed cinnamon powder.

Hinata, the Drop of Sunlight is served in shape of a tiny cookie filled with a strong butter smell. A portion delivers a cute look topped with sliced almonds to trigger your taste after a mouthful of drink.



Shippo the little tail is served after being put on a crunchy golden outer skin while the inner core is super fragrant and soft. Shippo looks a bit like a Chinese fried hollow breadstick, yet topped outside with a sugar coat, which is all fine when consumed hot or cold.

A motivational story behind such an Asian brand

If you are a big fan of comic books, there is no reason why you have not heard of “Totto-chan, The little girl at the window” by Kuroyanagi Tetsuko. The comic was based on a true story of the author, whose childhood tells about an ideal school in Tokyo during World War II that combined learning with fun, freedom, and love. In actual life, Totto-chan, the little girl at the window has become one of Japan’s most popular television personalities–Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. Such a unique childhood along with a special health disease turned Totto-chan into a great personality, a successful figure who used her adulthood talking about the past life.  A Vietnam all-inclusive tour package to this hideout bakery in Dalat may grant you a chance to learn more about another field of novels and stories in Asia.

If you are that type of traveler who loves new things and hidden gems to explore, then do not simply skip Totto-chan patisserie in your Vietnam all-inclusive package to Dalat. Such creative F&B services is a harmonious breath of both Japanese and French styles.

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