The weather here is cool all year round; indigenous people are always friendly and hospitable. Moreover, tourists can immerse themselves into plenty of romantic spots. Here are some.

Mang Den Tourist Area

You will admit that in the Central Highlands there is “the second Da Lat” with beautiful scenery, fresh and cool weather. This is the ideal destination for honeymoon in Vietnam.


Mang Den in Dak Lak

Mang Den is an ecological tourist attraction, attracted by the majestic natural landscape of the natural lake, waterfalls in the middle of the green pine forest.

The combination of natural beauty, the unique culture of ethnic minorities living together here makes your trip extremely interesting. Moreover, the mystery of the legends, the story of this land also arouses the curiosity, the desire to explore more.

Here, you also enjoy the traditional dishes such as rice, chicken, roast chicken … drop your soul into the wild land of peace to unwind during your holiday.

Lak Lake – Buon Jun ( Dak Lak)

Lak Lake is one of the large natural freshwater lakes with the beautiful natural beauty of mountains and forests in Buon Jun, Lien Son town of Lak district. This place will make your Vietnam honeymoon tour more fascinating. Dak Lak province is home to the romantic Lak lake, the original beauty of the village of Tay Nguyen. This place has always kept its traditional identity that has been preserved through the generations.


Lak Lake

Dray Nur Waterfall ( Dak Lak)

Dray Nur Waterfall, the most majestic waterfall in Tay Nguyen, is a combination of the Krong Ana River and Krong No River. These two rivers merged together to form the legendary Serra River in the Central Highlands connecting the two banks of Dak Lak and Dak Nong. From the height of more than 30m, the cascading waterfall falls into the river deep, creating a magical nature.

Coming to Dray Nur waterfall, visitors will have a chance to try strong feelings when they go into the cave inside the waterfall or take a suspension bridge, and visit the life of the village, learn the traditional culture of ethnic identity in the Kuop village.

Yok Don National Park

Located in Buon Don district and Ea Sup district, Dak Lak province, 40 km northwest of Buon Ma Thuot city (on the way to Buon Don tourist site). Yok Don National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in Vietnam with a total area of 115,545ha.

Yok Don National Park has many kinds of precious trees such as maple, coffee, violet leaves, etc. Primitive forests occupy more than 90% of the total garden is an ideal habitat for species. plants and animals.

Yok Don National Park currently has 67 species of mammals, 196 species of birds, 46 species of reptiles, 15 species of amphibians and about 100 species of insects. Wildlife is not only abundant and diverse but also very specific to the fauna of Southeast Asia. Of the 56 species of rare animals in Indochina, Yok Don has 36 species and 17 species listed in the world red book such as elephant, forest buffalo, horns, star deer, chamois, pheasant, pheasant, flute.

The Garden of Flower in Da Lat

When you set foot on Da Lat, located on the Langbiang Plateau, visitors will be surprised at the natural scenery, cascades, rainy streams and especially flowers. Nowhere in our country are there more flowers like Da Lat: from rainforest flowers to the flowers of the West. It will be a perfect spot for your Vietnam honeymoon tour.

The Garden of Flower, located at the end of Xuan Huong Lake, next to romantic Cu Hill, 2km from the city center.

The flower garden is currently the largest and most complete collection of Dalat flowers with hundreds of different flowers. In addition to the traditional flowers that tourists know as Cam Ly, Rose, Mimosa; At the flower garden, there are dozens of new varieties of flowers that have been introduced to Dalat for over 10 years such as Daisies, Roses, Rhododendrons, etc.

The Valley of Love in Lam Dong


The Valley of Love

 The Valley of Love, one of the most romantic sights, idea spot for tours for couples in Vietnam, about 6 km Northeast of the city center. At first, the French called this place Vallée d’Amour (Valley of Love) after it was renamed Peace Valley, and back in 1953, it is the Valley of Love.

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