Should you go to Tuyen Lam Lake tourism area


From Northern region to its Southern brother—this great country of ours is made up of so many diverse vibrant cities, mist-laden mountains, thundering waterfalls, laid-back rural neighboring, and awesome divides that picking a few of the best of the best destinations to visit on your Vietnam tours is a rather hard and personal choice. However, regardless of if you are drawn by the hustle and bustle of Hanoi capital or Ho Chi Minh City, the laid-back lifestyle of Pu Luong, the Mekong Delta, or the ancient charms of Hoi An Town—there is definitely something for every type of traveler on their Vietnam private tours.

Should you go to Tuyen Lam Lake tourism area?


Tuyen Lam Lake

Every year, hundreds of thousand people enter Vietnam — with intention of catching a train to the perennially popular Dalat City – the “City of Eternal Spring”, “Le Petit Paris”, or “the Foggy City”. They come to enjoy the fresh and cool atmosphere. They take tours and make excursions. And they take time to explore Tuyen Lam Lake tourist site. It is enough to make the “Wedding and Honeymoon Capital” one of Central Highland Vietnam’s top most-visited attractions.


Tuyen Lam scenic location

Whether you are a couple seeking a little romantic getaway or a nature lover drawn by the region’s high altitude and temperate climate, this tourist area has earned the has earned the moniker, “the second Dalat City in Central Highland Vietnam” for a damn good reason. Located 3.7 miles to from Dalat center to the south, the nearly 3,000-ha area of Tuyen Lam Lake tourist site, which is home to Truc Lam Zen monastery, the biggest freshwater lake in Dalat, and Phung Hoang Mountain, is split up into many areas like villa area, ecological area, biological and surface of Tuyen Lam lake, training and educating area, religion area, and entertainment, seminar area, etc. 

What to do in Tuyen Lam Lake tourism area?

If your definition of the top places to visit in Central Highland Vietnam includes impressive natural landscapes, cultural and historic sites as well as recognized areas of eco-tourism, look no further than Tuyen Lam Lake tourism area – the very first national tourism area in Vietnam.

Tuyen Lam tourist area has something to suit every taste—be it the revolutionary base, Truc Lam Zen Monastery Dalat, Thanh Quang Orchids garden, Fairy Rock tourist site, Nam Qua tourist site, Binh An Village, Dalat Sculpture Tunnel, or the razzle-dazzle of fancy resorts and golf clubs —there are no rules in this national tourism area.

Pay a visit to Truc Lam Monastery – Meditation Center in Dalat


Truc Lam Pagoda

Lying on a protected forest of 23,2 hectares, of which 2 hectares is the building area, Truc Lam Zen Monastery is where you can take photos of the awe-inspiring panoramic view of the famous landscape created by the talent hand of humans from the top of Phượng Hoàng (Phoenix) Mountain. What a postcard-like image on the surface of the lake, with a green hill full of pines!

Stroll along a stone140-step path

Have you ever wondered where those photographers get these most stunning postcard-prefect pictures of Tuyen Lam? Wonder no more. It is the stone140-step path, flanked by the towering pines reaching three gates to get into the main gate of Sanctuary.

Enjoy food to ascertain about the culture of the ethnic minorities in the south of Central Highland Vietnam


Charming beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake

You are looking to fill your belly with delicious eats? What can be better than sampling barbecue, “cơm lam” (unique traditional rice of the ethnic people), or “cần” wine (delicious traditional wine) while enjoying the quietness of Tuyen Lam Lake?

Many a visitor, who would like to get off-the-beaten-track on their Vietnam private tours, ventures to Central Highland Vietnam only to leave their heart in the erstwhile French mountain retreat of Dalat. Filled to the brim with pine-crested hilltops, beguiling colonial buildings, tasty restaurants, dreary architecture, tacky tourist trappings, and colorful neighborhoods, the city itself has been ranked by The New York Times as one of top 52 tourist destinations on the globe.

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