New Rice Festival to visit Vietnamese Central Highlanders in November


Throughout its 4000 years of constructing and developing the nation, Vietnam has come up with various ethnicity blend, and hence able to introduce a massive diversity of rituals and cultures. Our today’ article aims at showcasing one of the country’s lesser-known yet brilliant celebrations, New Rice Festival. The one was brought by ethnic Central Vietnamese dwellers and accordingly an amazing idea for your Vietnam private tours.


New Rice Festival

An important event in November

As usual, November comes to the Central land of Vietnam brings along its most sought-after celebration all welcomed by the ethnic dwellers, New Rice Festival. The occasion is a long-established ritual brought to life by the minority groups living up and down the mountain range of Trường Sơn with a view to praising the grains of rice granted by heaven to the villages and making an offering to the Gods. These are natural deities taking charge of various aspects essential for successful crops such as the Earth, sky, rivers, mountains, rains, thunder and harvests. To the citizens, there is nothing more important than an abundant crop. If you are looking for some new alternatives for a memorable Vietnam tailor-made private tour, do consider to note down a journey to Central Highland when November comes.


Outdoor activities

Most of the hamlets and localities throughout Central Vietnam are looking forward to the celebration of New Rice Festival after one harvest. The event is not supposed to take place all at once yet organized in different periods of times according to each specific village and groups regarding a previous deal made. This colorful prism of Central Vietnamese culture is genuinely dependent on each collecting status of a family, which accordingly last for one or up to several days in a row.


A family union

More than just a religious belief, New Rice Festival is as well seen as an opportunity to organize a family union and a special section of time for recreation activities such as dancing and feasting. As a consequence, except for offering to the deities and wishing for family’s happiness and health, such presence of bronze gongs, drums, and long-lasting singing activities are expected to show up. A private tour in Vietnam to Central highland during this time is likely to bring you so much fun and authentic experiences.


Drinking wine from a jar

A gaudy celebration in various minority groups

Across the locality of Gia Lai Province, New Rice Festival within the communities of J’rai và Bahnar has been around for such a long time and still greatly preserved up to now. J’rai and Bahmar tend to celebrate their event in a lengthy amount of time, which starts in November and ends before January next year comes. The ethnic villagers of J’rai và Bahnar well expect a pleasant break after a hard-working crop as well as let the soil to rest as a part of their ritual.


Terraced rice fields

The festival first takes place on the scale of the whole village, which is followed by a private celebration in each family. New Rice Festival is recorded to be created firstly by the citizens of J’ai and Bahnar and followed by the rest of the communities. New Rice goes in accordance with the cultivation on terraced rice paddies. Rather than a plain praying ritual, the event represents a harmonious life between mankind on Earth and their natural habitat.


Xê Đăng ethnic group

Besides the organization of J’rai và Bahnar, the Mạ people refer to New Rice Festival as “New Rice Eating Event”, which is named as “Du Rê” in the native language. Such enormity comes in accordance with different harvest outcomes in each family. The sacrifices are frequently chicken, goats, pigs and sometimes buffaloes. The occasion usually falls on the ending of a year. Some of the places start their offering right after the first harvest, while the others tend to wait for the whole crop to be finished.

According to the civilians living along the magnificent Trường Sơn Range, New Rice Festival is the very celebration amongst the system of traditional festivals across the region. Days in the life of Central Vietnamese highlanders cannot go without the self-sufficient civilization of cultivating on terraced rice fields, which means taking part in the Vietnam private tours to this Central segment of the country and learning more about this spectacular ritual seems to be an ideal trip to be taken.

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