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For those who are not a big fan of Southeast Asian history, Khmer was an official term referring to an ancient kingdom covering a large wetland of Mekong Delta, Cambodia, Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia. Here in Mekong Delta, the ending segment of Vietnam existed multiple remained Khmer communities, especially in Sóc Trăng and Trà Vinh Provinces, which are recorded to own the two biggest Khmer Museums nationwide. Trà Vinh Museum of Khmer civilization currently preserves 800 artifacts including precious documents reflecting greatly Khmer culture. The site contains 4 specific rooms divided by 4 main themes. If you are sorting out your top destinations to visit in Trà Vinh, take this as a climax.


Trà Vinh – Land of the Khmer

Visit Trà Vinh – Where and Why?

Trà Vinh tour can be something that sounds a little unfamiliar to those who have never been to Mekong Delta. The thoroughfares of Trà Vinh, where we consider as one of the most vivid towns all over the area of Mekong Delta, are greatly packed with shady greenish trees. With a list of more than 140 Khmer pagodas scattering throughout the province, Trà Vinh is a tranquil destination for those seeking for an off-beat exploration. If your time budget does not allow a trip to Cambodia this time, take Trà Vinh as a replacement. This city itself is playing its role as a lesser-visited town which may be meeting your need for an off-the-beaten-track Mekong Delta tour.


Khmer traditional costume

Room 1: Khmer religions and beliefs

The first room of all displays artifacts excavated all over the coverage of Trà Vinh, which deliver a vivid image of Buddhism, Brahmanism such as Linga – Yoni statues, Mukhalinga, The Trinity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The exhibition dates back to over 300 years ago. Khmer Buddhism infers a big contrast against Northern Asian Buddhism. Other than that, local religious beliefs are also displayed such as ancestors worshipping, God of Earth and God of protection. This fusion creates a lively harmony of an authentic and unique culture.


Museum of Khmer civilization

Room 2: Daily life

What to expect in this upcoming room? Typical housing architecture is the main exhibition. In addition, common tools relating cultivation, irrigation, harvesting, and aquaculture are auxiliaries. Khmer dwellers value agriculture is like a big part of their daily life, in which tropical products play a huge role.



Room 3: Handicraft

As of 2009, there were over 1.2 million Khmer citizens recorded. Even though the Khmer population takes a lesser percentage compared to its neighboring Việt, their own historical and cultural values are undeniable. Khmer manual products are bearing a strong significance that has attracted local explorers’ attention for the past few years. Those that can be taken into account are wood-carving, weaving, mat-making, knitting, precious stones carving, mask making, traditional instruments production, glass painting, and the list goes on.

Room 4: Culture – Art

Last but not least, this room is saved for a showcase of a diversified Khmer artistic and cultural values which have been strongly preserved and developing. What you can get to witness here include Trot dance, Robam Kom Araek, Robam Kngaok Pailin and Chhayam.

Top things to do in Trà Vinh

What if you have more than one day in Trà Vinh? Then an inquiry of what else you can be offered here would be needed. Here we archived a list of top things you should not skip when having Trà Vinh instead of other mainstream Mekong Delta group tours. Bà Om Pong and Ang Pagoda Complex, Hang Pagoda and Ông Mẹt Ancient Pagoda are the most popular attractions you must definitely check out. Then what to eat? Keep in mind this spectacular cuisine, Prahok noodle soup! This is a native delicacy which uses fermented fish broth as a key.


The tranquil beauty of Bà Om Pond


Prahok noodle soup

Except for Trà Vinh, Sóc Trăng is another far-off land that preserves the best authentic experiences and Khmer culture. This is time to leave behind the tourist areas and head straight to where other people are not highly aware off but you. Hit up with the best local Mekong Delta group tour operator and make it your long-lasting memory in Trà Vinh.

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