Mekong Delta off-beat tour with a day trip to Sadec


Mekong Delta tours seem to be the finest option for those who are searching for a good travel alternative that departs from Saigon within a day or two. Tiền Giang, Bến Tre, and Cần Thơ seem to lead the list as most of the tour operators are aiming at exploiting those famous cities. However, there is one unique city that is located very near to Saigon yet most of the foreign visitors fail to behold. Sadec City, a belonging of Đồng Tháp City, holds in itself a great potential to give you a mind-blowing experience. Here are top destinations in Sadec that local Mekong dwellers love the most as well as where to get its best authentic cuisine.


Sadec – A lovely hide-out

Top picks for your Sadec tourist attractions

Huỳnh Thủy Lê Ancient House

If you are reading this as a French book lover, L’Amant must be a familiar sound. The base-on-a-real-story novel was transcribed into a phenomenal romantic movie known as The Lover. Huỳnh Thuỷ Lê Ancient House is where you get to learn about a huge estate of the main male character.


A scene from The Lover

Sitting quietly against the poetic Sadec River, the ancient house gives out a heritage-like outlook when the walls are well covered in moss. Its previous master is known to be Huỳnh Thủy Lê, who was said to be a secret lover of a famous French novelist Marguerite Duras during her youth in Vietnam. The outer appearance is a lovely fusion of Western and Chinese styles. The main elements casting up the house were mostly imported from France. After the war, the house was taken over by the local government for a new usage as a police station. Until 2009, the site was then changed into a tourist-served purpose. If you are seeking for lesser-known things to do in Mekong Delta, Huỳnh Thuỷ Lê Ancient House is surely on the list.


Huỳnh Thuỷ Lê Ancient House

Lotus Fields

On the outskirt of Sadec City lied various infinite lotus fields. This is such an ideal option for Instagram fans as well as photography lovers. The best way to reach this venue is having a local guide with you in case of losing on the way. Combine this as a part of your Mekong cruise tour would be a fantastic idea if you are down for an off-the-beaten-path experience.


Amid the vast lotus pond

Sadec Flower Village

Sadec Flower Village is a large area situated in Tân Qui Đông Town, Sadec City, Đồng Tháp Province. The place is phenomenal for nature lovers and true gardeners every time Lunar New Year and Springtime are around the corner. Sitting at the bank of the windy Tiền River all year round, Sadec Flower Village blows your mind with hundreds of different flora species. Known as a wholesale flower point, most of the products here are then transported to other surrounding cities, which include Saigon, with a view to meeting the need of buyers for Lunar New Year decoration.


When Springtime comes

Do not miss these delicacies when in Sadec

Now, it is time to fill your stomach after a long day wandering around the city. Is a Mekong Delta food tour on your mind right now? Check out these only-local-eater-know food heavens when in Sadec.

  • Across the embankment of Sadec River (Bờ kè sông Sa Đéc), there are up to dozens of trusted street vendors and restaurants serving various types of cuisine. Our recommendation is the authentic fresh-water crab hotpot. Having it in a chilling night is the finest treat eat you possibly think of.
  • In terms of breakfast, pork rice noodle soup is what brings a good reputation to Sadec cuisine. You may find a good bistro selling this throughout the city. Ask your local host for a favor on where you should head to in the morning.


Sadec pork noodle soup

  • Other Sadec delicacies can be counted include Grilled fish wrapped in lotus leaves, Grilled field mouse with lemongrass and pepper, Steamed snails with lemongrass and so on.


Grilled field mouse with lemongrass and pepper

With our local advice listed above, now you can feel free to blow your friends’ mind with such an exceptional and off-beat Mekong Delta tour with a day trip to Sadec. Do not hesitate to book for a short day trip to Sadec with a trusted tour organizer and claim for yourself a local guide. This way will help you with a good insight as well as a unique lesson on tour with better care and information.

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