Exploring Mang Den – “the second Da Lat” in the heart of Kon Tum


Mang Den is an ecological paradise in a town in Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province, which is more than 1,200 m above the sea level. This area has a temperate climate so it is cool all year round, the temperature is not high, fluctuating between 16-22. More than 80% of the natural area in Mang Den is covered with primitive forests. In the eye of nature lovers, a trip to Mang Den is considered one of the best tours in Vietnam.


Mang Den

Thanks to the temperate climate, flora and fauna are diverse here. Flowers bloom in all four seasons, creating an exceptionally beautiful scenery. With three lakes and seven mountains, this place is like an eco-paradise in Kon Tum. In this Central Highland Vietnam tour, you will be able to walk on the winding roads with the two sides of the green pine trees.

How to reach Mang Den?

There are several ways for you to get to Mang Den. You can easily pick yourself a suitable mean of transports that suits your budget and time like airplane, car, or train, and even motorbike. Then from the center of Kon Tum city, visitors can take a bus on Highway 24 to the Northeast. It is only around 56 km far. Or if you want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the way, you should rent and ride a motorbike to enjoy the nature in the best way.

When to visit Mang Den?

Because the weather is cool and mild all year round, anytime in a year would be suitable to travel to Mang Den. However, it is highly recommended that you go from April to May or from October to December. The period between April and May is the most exciting time for Vietnam tour for the family thanks to the cold weather, fresh air with a mild aroma of forest flowers, pine trees and pine resin while from October to December, you will have a chance to roam on the hillsides of the golden rice terraces.


Pine rows in Mang Den

What to explore in Mang Den Kon Tum?

Stroll is the great pleasure of visitors when they arrive. Besides, in Mang Den, you can also visit the beautiful and pristine Dak Ke Lake – an ideal lake for tourists to visit to have the best tours in Vietnam. Because it is an original ecological area, Mang Den provides natural habitats for several species of flora and fauna. Mang Den has seven lakes and three special waterfalls such as Dak Ke, Pa Sy, Lo Ba, Toong Dam Lake, Toong Zori, Toong Po, etc. which are very suitable for eco-tourism associated with scientific research.


Waterfall in Mang Den

In the early morning, when the pine is still sleepy and the weather is still a bit cold, you will get the chance to watch the sunrise. In the afternoon, tourists will be totally immersed in nature while watching the red sunset coming down behind the soaring mountains of Central Highlands. In addition to that, as noted by many Vietnam tour operators, travelers also can go to the villages to experience the local customs of the ethnic groups of Xe Dang, Mo Nam, Ka Dong, Hre here.


Natural scenery in Mang Den

What to eat in Mang Den?

Coming to Mang Den, you will be able to enjoy the unique specialties of the forest here such as Mang Den stewed chickens, Mang Den roasted pigs, local alcohol, bamboo rice, Mang Den grilled chicken, etc.

Bamboo rice is a popular delicacy of the mountainous areas in the Central Highlands but each place and each region has its own flavors and its featured colors. Kon Plong bamboo rice deserves to be the must-try dish in any best tours in Vietnam because it is well cooked from sticky rice with pineapple leaves, so it is naturally fragrant, firm yet still sticky.

Mang Den stewed chicken has a particularly delicious taste and the chicken tastes better than in other regions due to the temperate climate here. Additionally, Mang Den roasted pig is naturally fed with only vegetables so the pork is extraordinarily delicious, fragrant, and nutritious. Before being roasted, the pigs are marinated with some quite special spices and ingredients.

Mang Den grilled chicken is one of the dishes recorded in the Vietnam Guinness because of its strange taste. Chicken is marinated with different kinds of leaves, roots and honey so when being grilled, it smells very fragrant and toothsome.


Ruou can

“Ruou Can” (a local alcohol) is an indispensable drink in any meals of the ethnic people in Central Highlands. This typical culture feature of this region has gained a huge reputation domestically and internationally. The aroma of rice, together with fresh water in the stream, creates a passionate flavor that would fit your taste’s buds. Moreover, Mang Den also has some other specialties for you to enjoy such as wild vegetables, sour bamboo shoots, etc.

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