Looking for a destination to enjoy time with your partner? If yes, Mang Den can be the place to offer you your best Vietnam tour for couple you desire.

Ideal weather


Frosty weather in Mang Den

Situated at an altitude of 1.200m above sea level, Mang Den – Kon Tum is a highland whose weather is cool and frosty all year long. With the average temperature lying between 160C to 200C, Mang Den offers tourists a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year, making it a good weather bargain for a Vietnam couple tour.

Unspoiled nature


Pine forest in Mang Den is a perfect place to walk around

Mang Den is most famous for its uninterrupted natural scenery with waterfalls, rivers, old-growth forest that will fulfill your wanderlust. Either discovering the waterfalls and listen to the soothing sound of falling water or wandering in the pine forest to enjoy the scent of wildflowers and pine leaves, you and your loved one are sure to fall in love with the charm of Mang Den that cannot be found elsewhere.


Old-growth forest covers most of Mang Den’s land

Mang Den also boasts its old-growth forest with great biodiversity that cover almost 80% of Mang Den’s land. Hence, coming to Mang Den, you and your partner not only have the opportunities to marvel at the amazing landscapes but also get the chance to discover an array of rare plants and animals such as chamois, deer, pheasant, python.

Besides, the breath-taking views, coupled with the frosty weather here, is ideal for you to snap some aesthetic pictures and enjoy the feeling of all your worries turning insignificant before the magnificent nature, which makes it the perfect destination for a couple tour in Vietnam.

Authentic locals’ lives


Many Vietnam ethnic goups live in Mang Den and enrich its culture

Mang Den is home to many ethnic Vietnam groups such as M’Nong, Xo Dang, Hre. People of these ethic groups still maintain their traditional lifestyles with different interesting festivals. They still wear their own colorful hand-made clothes, live in their traditional communal house. The people and their traditions has long become an indispensable part of the highland’s beauty. Therefore, of all other Vietnam tours for couples, Mang Den provides you with the unique experience of delving deeply into the cultures and traditions of the locals.   

The land of legends

Legend has it that the word “Mang Den” means “A land as beautiful as fairyland”, the name has its roots from Mơ Nâm ethnic group.

Mang Den is created by the most powerful God of Mơ Nâm ethnic group. He gave Mang Den massive pine forest, rivers, plenty of beautiful flowers and pleasant weather throughout the year.


Dreamy night in Mang Den

After creating Mang Den, the God felt pity because Mang Den is such a beautiful place; however, there was no one there to cherish the magnificent beauty. Therefore, he sent 7 of his children to Mang Den to form villages in which people would happily with each other.

God’s 7 children cared for their people and taught their people how to cultivate, weave, hunt and use the traditional musical instrument. People’ lives became more and more prosperous.

However, happy lives in Mang Den made God’s 7 children forget about the forbidden quest that the God once told them. At their Yeeng ritual, they drank too much and violated the forbidden quest. The God got angry and punished his children and people of Mang Den. He set 3 fires and released 7 strikes of lighting that engulfed almost everyone. There were only some people who did not join the rituals that were still alive.

7 strikes of lightning and 3 fires afterward formed 7 lakes and 3 breath-taking waterfalls that capture the heart of everyone who spends their Vietnam tour for couple in Mang Den.


Pa Sy – the most beautiful waterfall in Mang Den

Therefore, if you are tired of the hustle bustle lifestyle in big cities where you and your partner hardly found any alone time, Mang Den with its complete tranquility, picturesque scenery and unique stories, deserves to be the go-to destination if you are planning on a Vietnam tour for couple

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